Quartz CEO Launches Barrister Link

Created by the founder of Quartz Barristers, a pioneering digital-first, agile barristers chambers, Barrister Link will work alongside businesses, law firms, professional intermediaries, and clerks to make access to barristers as simple as possible.

Using tech as a tool to aid smarter working practices, Barrister Link brings together experienced specialist barristers, individuals, and businesses directly or via their solicitor, accountant, or in-house General Counsel.

At its core, Barrister link will enable access to barristers across the UK and support the independence of users.

What makes Barrister Link useful?

Led by experienced Clerk, Paul Wright, Barrister Link allows access to legal experts that is both transparent and cost-efficient.

Utilising bespoke technology built with smarter agile methods in mind, Barrister Link offers a new way to deliver the highest level of service with the freedom and flexibility that modern clients need. Think of it like Air B&B for barristers and you’re on the right track. Paul said;

“The idea for Barrister Link started during the pandemic. After months of research and development we’re now commencing our first phase launch, bolstered by the success of digital first barristers’ chambers, Quartz Barristers.”

“Quartz has demonstrated a market and a need for an easy solution to connect barristers to clients across the UK, while maintaining the independence of barrister users and their chambers.”

“I’ve been a clerk for a long time, and I know how useful a platform that improves access to legal expertise could be, so we’ve built it.”

How will Barrister Link help?

Paul is an experienced and successful Barristers Clerk, having learned his trade in London and followed a traditional career trajectory along the way – but wanted to make a change to help both barristers and their clients get more value and support, because his biggest challenge was finding the balance between his work and his family. Paul says;

“In 2016 I took a decision to put my family first and develop a process that made my life simpler, my barristers and their clients by forming Quartz Barristers Chambers. I then wanted to share this process with other clerks and barristers so that their chambers could benefit as well.”

“The legal sector has been slow to adopt innovation, but the tide is turning. More law firms are exploring tech automation, the Bar and the judiciary also taking note. The pandemic caused a seismic shift in barristers’ attitude towards technology, I believe now is the right time for Barrister Link to champion independent barristers chambers and their clerks to serve those clients with a legal need.”

First Phase Launch

Paul said; “We’ve begun beta-testing the platform with a carefully selected group of partners. To see clients and barristers on the platform, linking up, sharing case documents securely and managing their cases digitally is something that brings a deal of pride.”

“As we move forward, we will be inviting more users to test the space, to realise we can give them a route to finding the right people, with the right expertise, all while maintaining their independence. If anyone is interested, they can sign up and we can take it from there.”

You can visit www.barristerlink.co.uk to register your interest.

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