What are Direct Access Barristers?

Paul Wright, from Quartz Barristers in Nottingham, was recently interviewed on NottsTV.

During the interview, Paul explains what a barrister is, the difference between a barrister and a solicitor and why you should choose a direct access barrister.

Barristers regulated by the Bar Standards Board
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We will attend any court throughout England and Wales and barristers are based in many different locations throughout the UK.

Quality Assured Barristers

Our barristers are widely recognised as leaders in their field of practice, professionally insured and regulated by the Bar Standards Board

Straight to the point

We view the solution to your legal problem from the likely final position, so that you get the speediest resolution saving you time and money.

Client Control

You are an important part of your legal team and remain in complete control of your case administration, cost and speed at which your legal matter is dealt with.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Our specialist personal injury barristers are here to make things easier for you and your family.

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Many of us will not consider planning our estate early enough in life and issues of probate and can be forced upon us unexpectedly.

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Family Law

Our lawyers seek to find a sensible conclusion within the shortest possible timeframe in order to achieve a fair and sensible resolution.

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Employment Law

Any business with employees will be required by law to have the requisite contracts and up-to-date policies and procedures in place.

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Property & Construction

Whether you are negotiating a lease, seeking planning permission for development or facing a dispute over dilapidations,

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Commercial Law

Our barristers advise at board level and audit the company’s legal requirements in order to avoid legal disputes.

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Our barristers advise at board level and audit the company’s legal requirements in order to avoid legal disputes.

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Intellectual Property

This is an extremely complex area of law where only a few of the most experienced lawyers can profess to be experts.

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Regulatory Crime

Company directors need to be aware of their responsibility to ensure their organisations meet stringent policies and procedures in accordance with the law.

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High Court Injunctions

It is imperative to act expeditiously when seeking an injunction to restrain a person, asset or piece of public information.

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Motoring Offences

An incident involving a motoring offence can have overwhelming consequences for all those involved.

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Emergency injunctive relief to stop removal via High Court applications.

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Quartz Barristers has positively embraced the new transparency standards set by the Bar Standards Board (BSB). These new rules are designed to improve the information available to the public before they engage the services of a barrister. They relate to information about the areas of law in which barristers practise, the legal services provided by barristers, what those services cost, and a client’s right to redress.

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Refreshingly Different

Quartz Barristers Chambers brings together experienced barristers who have specialised in their chosen fields of law for many years.

We are based in Nottingham and in addition to serving our local courts throughout the East Midlands, we have barristers well placed around the UK to attend all courts and tribunals nationwide.

Our mission is to provide value to the client through their solicitor in a transparent and cost efficient way. Our clerks are extremely knowledgeable about our barristers’ areas of practice, they are customer focused and trained to assist instructing solicitors when deciding on the best style and expertise of barrister to suit each case and client. We utilise market leading technology and smarter working methods to deliver the highest level of service at reasonable fee rates.

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