emergency injunctive relief to stop removal via High Court applications.


Stage of CaseRanges of fixed fees (estimate)
Written advice on your appeal£250 – £750
Advising in face to face conference£250 – £750
Advising by telephone/video conference£250 – £500
Assistance with completion of court forms£250 – £750
Preliminary hearing (in some cases)£350 – £600
First day’s tribunal appearance£400 – £1000
Tribunal appearances per day, after the first day£200 – £500

All information is correct as of 1/5/19, but fees are estimates only. For themost accurate fee estimate, please contact the clerks on 0115 8961983 or

Raj Kanda – Thank you for the email this morning and again thank you for yesterday I really appreciate you stepping in last minute and doing such a good job.

Ms H.T
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