Motoring Offences

An incident involving a motoring offence can have overwhelming consequences for all those involved. Our barristers have the requisite experience to defend and mitigate in court.

Motoring Offence issues covered include:
Careless Driving, Dangerous Driving, Death by Dangerous or Careless driving, Driving whilst disqualified, Driving without insurance, Driving without a licence, Driving without a valid MOT, Drink driving, Drug driving, Early reinstatement of driving licence, Endorsements and Penalty points, Failing to notify the DVLA Failure to provide a specimen, Failing to stop after an accident Failing to report an accident, Totting up / Facing 12 points Using a mobile phone whilst driving, Speeding, Traffic offences, Driving Licence offences, New drivers, Appealing motoring convictions, Tachograph manipulation.


Stage of CaseRanges of fixed fees (estimate)
Written advice on your case£250 – £750
Advising in face to face conference£350 – £750
Advising by telephone/video conference£250 – £500
Guilty pleas£350 – £750
First appearance (pre-trial court appearance)£250 – £500
First day of trial£500 – £1500
Court appearances per day, after the first day of trial£250 – £750

Case Studies

  • Drink driving hearing

    Richard recently represented a client charged with drink driving at the first hearing and then the trial.  Although the client pleaded guilty, Richard was able to mitigate on her behalf and obtain the minimum length of ban, the minimum fine and the minimum amount of costs. First Hearing representation including preparation – £300 (Not VAT

    2nd May 2019
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