What are Direct Access Barristers?

Anyone can now go directly to a barrister, for advice and/or representation, without having to involve anyone else (e.g. a solicitor). The barrister’s role remains essentially the same as when they are approached by a solicitor or another intermediary.

Barristers regulated by the Bar Standards Board
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Why Choose Us

Nationwide Coverage

We will attend any court throughout England and Wales. Our Barristers are based across the UK.

Quality Assured Barristers

Our barristers are widely recognised as leaders in their field of practice, professionally insured and regulated by the Bar Standards Board

Free Appraisal of Case

You can explain to us your case and we will map out the best route you should take and advise you on the costs.

Straight to the Point

We view the solution to your legal problem from the likely final position, so that you get the speediest resolution saving you time and money.


Significant saving when going direct to a barrister, on average 30% cheaper than a comparative solicitor.

Client In Control

You are an important part of your legal team and remain in complete control of your case administration, cost and speed at which your legal matter is dealt with.

How can a Direct Access Barrister help me?

Barristers can advise you on your legal status or rights.  Barristers can draft and send documents for you and can represent you in court, tribunals or mediations.  Barristers can also negotiate on your behalf and can attend employment or investigative interviews and hearings where appropriate.

There are limits on the types of work that a barrister can do, there are still some cases and situations in which you will need to instruct a solicitor or another intermediary as well as a barrister.

However, for many cases the public access scheme allows you to go directly to the expert barrister for advice, representation and drafting.(http://www.barcouncil.org.uk/instructing-a-barrister/public-access/)

Below is a selection of the most common areas of law that we can help you with…

How does the Direct Barrister process work?

  • Step 1


    Send you enquiry and we will respond within 1 hour to discuss your legal need, suggest the right barrister and agree a fixed cost.

  • Step 2


    A barrister is assigned to you, agreement is signed along with a copy of your ID and payment.

  • Step 3

    Case Papers

    Barrister will make an introductory call and will confirm if further case papers are required.

Barristers regulated by the Bar Standards Board
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