Rajen DalalYear of Call: 1991

Areas of Expertise
  • Family Finance
  • Family Children
  • Employment
  • Contract Law
  • LL.B. (Hons) University of Manchester

County Court Rate: £325.00 +VAT   High Court Rate: £425.00 +VAT   VAT Registered: Yes   Direct Access Accredited: Yes

Rajen is an experienced family and civil barrister with an expertise in family finance, TOLATA and children matters as well as civil contract and employment cases.

His career at the Bar has extended to over 30 years where he has honed his skills as an articulate advocate in the following areas:

Children Act Matters 

  • Disputed medical evidence 
  • Factious and induced illness 
  • Shaking 
  • Sexual abuse 
  • International element 
  • Cultural/religious issues 
  • Human rights issues 
  • Court Protection  

Ancillary Relief and TOLATA Matters  

  • Tax 
  • Applications for financial remedies 
  • Business Accounts 
  • Director/ partnership liabilities 
  • Pension sharing 
  • Multiple properties 
  • Maintenance 
  • Pre-nuptial& separation agreements 
  • Injunctions to prevent disposal of assets or setting aside transactions. 
  • Setting aside orders because of non-disclosure of assets 
  • TOLATA where parties have lived together, have joint assets but have not married.


  • Breach of contract,   
  • Employees contract,   
  • Equality & discrimination,   
  • Equal pay,   
  • Industrial action,   
  • Industrial Action & Collective Labour Law,   
  • Injunctive relief & employee competition,  
  • International & transitional,   
  • Redundancy & dismissal,   
  • Remuneration pensions & benefits, Termination of employment,   
  • TUPE,   
  • Unfair dismissal,   
  • Union affairs,   
  • Whistle blowing & victimisation.  

contact details

+44 (0)115 8961983
The Dryden Enterprise Centre,Dryden Street, Nottingham,NG1 4EY

Social Profiles

Case Studies

  • Financial Divorce – Covid 19 & Consent Orders

    Over the past few days I  have been inundated by enquiries in respect of whether or not the current pandemic and its impact on valuations may be a reason to revisit an agreed order entered into before the lockdown. Clearly the value of many businesses and assets will have been negatively impacted by the pandemic

    20th April 2020
  • Substantial property allegations

    The case involved allegations of substantial property and business assets both in the U.K. and held abroad by the otherside who maintained that they had very little in the way of assets and in the course of the proceedings even went as far as to claim bankruptcy. The client had tried her best as a

    2nd May 2019
  • Business asset

    The client’s only significant asset was a business which employed over 20 people. The business was struggling but notwithstanding the reality of the situation the otherside believed that the business was far more successful than it appeared from the accounts. The otherside had subjected the client to numerous requests for information relating to the business

    2nd May 2019
  • Final hearing representation

    The client had lost confidence in his solicitor who had represented him at an FDA and FDR. The matter had been listed for trial and the client required direct access Counsel to represent him at trial. The matter was successfully compromised on the day of the final hearing. The work involved representing the client at

    2nd May 2019
  • Family home and separation

    The magnetic features of the case was the length of the marriage and the needs of the client and the parties children. The case was complicated over issues concerning the value of the former family home which had suffered from subsidence. The client sought the lion’s share of the matrimonial assets in order to meet

    2nd May 2019
  • Substantial pension assets

    The significant asset in the case was substantial pension assets. The parties had been married a long time and the client sought equality of pension income upon retirement. An actuary was required to carry out certain calculations. The client achieved her desired result at an FDR. The work involved consisted of representing the client at

    2nd May 2019
  • 2 million pounds of assets

    This case involved over 2 million pounds of assets however it was not complicated. The assets consisted of the former matrimonial home and several investment properties. Notwithstanding the lack of complication the parties had each spent the best part of £100,000 in legal costs prior to the issue of proceedings. The client had lost confidence

    2nd May 2019
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A massive thank you to John Hudson for your assistance, I am sincerely grateful. Moreover, for your good spirit and humour – it helped a lot in a difficult situation.


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