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Quartz Barristers Chambers is lead by Paul Wright, Paul is responsible for the administration of chambers, strategic planning and business development.
Paul’s strength in leadership, practice management and his knowledge of the rapidly evolving legal market, ensures that our clerks can deliver the most effective practice management for each barrister.


  • Navigating Commercial Disputes: The Role of Court Injunctions

    In the intricate landscape of commercial law, disputes are almost inevitable. From contract breaches to intellectual property infringement, businesses frequently find themselves embroiled in legal conflicts that threaten their operations, finances, and reputation. In such turbulent waters, a powerful legal tool emerges as a beacon of hope: the court injunction. A court injunction is a

    16th May 2024
  • Safeguarding Creativity: The Role of Barristers in Intellectual Property Protection

    Intellectual property (IP) is a cornerstone of innovation and competitive advantage. From cutting-edge technology and distinctive brands to creative works and proprietary designs, IP surrounds the unique creations that set a business apart. Protecting these assets is hugely important, and navigating the complexities of intellectual property law often requires expert legal guidance. Here, we explore

    13th April 2024

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