• Hana Ahmed Successfully Secures an Acquittal

    Hana Ahmed and Imran Shafiq QC have successfully secured an acquittal for their client on two counts of Section 18 and one count of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.      The shooting took place around 2.30 pm on Friday, November 15, 2019. CCTV footage from The Godfather café on Copthall Lane

    15th June 2022
  • Quartz Barristers Empowering Change

    Up and comers Quartz Barristers seek to lead the way for chambers.     Quartz Barristers are determined to establish cutting edge practices that are solely focused on sustainability. Our mission is to empower people to resolve legal disputes more easily by using a barrister and our vision is to create an accessible network of legal professionals

    25th April 2022
  • How to save your business thousands in legal fees?

      08 April 2022 Reports in 2020 estimated that SMEs in the UK lost £40 billion that arose from legal issues. However, businesses can avoid this by being proactive and taking action. Business owners can potentially save thousands with a regulatory audit.   Company directors need to be aware of their responsibility to ensure their organisations

    8th April 2022
  • New mother awarded £185,000 after employers failed to support flexible working.

    A new mother has been awarded £185,000 after her boss refused to let her leave early to pick her daughter up from nursery.     Estate agent Alice Thompson went on parental leave in 2018 and when she returned in 2019, Ms Thompson requested that she work four days a week and that she finishes at 4pm in order to pick up her daughter from nursery.   But instead, she ended up resigning.    

    20th September 2021
  • Congratulations Jakub for winning this year’s UON Mooting Competition!

    Well done Jakub for coming first in this year’s University of Nottingham’s Mooting competition, along with our runners up Jenna and Velma.    This year Quartz Barristers are working with the University of Nottingham’s Mooting Society, where we’re collaborating with young people through supporting them as they develop their advocacy skills, public speaking and legal research.  This summer, our winner Jakub will have the opportunity shadow one of our family barristers for a day. We hope that experience gives you

    12th July 2021
  • Welcome to the team Martin!

    Martin joined Quartz in 2021 after he completed his MSc in Marketing at the University of Nottingham. From a young age he has shown his entrepreneurial flair by developing his own clothing brand, and community podcast before graduating.   At Quartz, we love to develop teams and work with young talented people who are passionate, enthusiastic, and willing to learn. Martin’s addition means that we can continue to grow, along with strengthening our core values of integrity, open mindedness and innovation.   Martin, it is

    17th June 2021
  • We’re Entering New Spaces!

    Quartz Barristers has moved to the Dryden Enterprise Centre – Dryden St, Nottingham   Based in the Nottingham City Centre, we are now at the heart of the business communities in the UK. Our new 9m state-of-the-art office facilities offer collaboration and connectivity with other businesses who continue to innovate within their industry. With cutting edge research courtesy of the Nottingham Trent University, we are always looking to find new ways to push boundaries.   As we continue to grow, we feel that

    16th June 2021
  • Quartz Chambers – Client Feedback Survey Results

      (Nottingham, 27 April 2021) Quartz Barristers – the national barristers chambers based in Nottingham – announces today the results of its 2021 feedback programme. Headline results Out of ten, we rated: 7.1 for value for money 7.6 for ‘Would you recommend Quartz to a friend?’; and 9.0 for communication on fees Paul Wright, CEO of

    28th April 2021
  • Quartz Barristers launches client feedback programme for 2021

    Quartz Barristers – the nationwide barristers set headquartered in Nottingham – announces today that it has launched its 2021 feedback programme.   Paul Wright, CEO of Quartz, explains: “We’ve been in the fortunate position to have grown quickly over recent years. Clients are attracted by the direct access model and law firms appreciate the decentralised

    1st April 2021
  • The New Normal

    When I was asked to write an article for the Barrister Magazine back at the beginning of March about new ideas or innovation in my capacity of CEO of Quartz Barristers, the world was a very different place. A distant ‘normal’ and somewhere I do not think we will ever return, and perhaps in some

    28th July 2020
  • Speeding Through Lockdown

    It appears, that despite all the advice urging motorists to limit their driving and to obey the rules of the road, some drivers continue to flout the speed limits during lockdown. So, what happens to those caught speeding during the lockdown? Well the simple answer is, the same penalties apply, whether you’re caught speeding before

    30th April 2020

    Lockdown restrictions were recently extended by the UK Government until 7 May, but the advice remains the same, keep your social distancing, stay local and do not travel unnecessarily. The Coronavirus Act 2020 effectively seeks to limit people’s behaviour, permitting them to go out for essential journeys only and with a ‘reasonable excuse’. There is

    21st April 2020
  • Financial Divorce – Covid 19 & Consent Orders

    Over the past few days I  have been inundated by enquiries in respect of whether or not the current pandemic and its impact on valuations may be a reason to revisit an agreed order entered into before the lockdown. Clearly the value of many businesses and assets will have been negatively impacted by the pandemic

    20th April 2020
  • Coronavirus – You and Your Dog

    Everyone knows we are in unique situation restrictions that have been in put place today to stop the spread of Covid-19 that are the most onerous restrictions in recent times. Many people seem confused about what they can and cannot do especially where exercise or dog walking is concerned. This is an attempt to bring

    10th April 2020
  • Quartz Barristers is Your Local Chambers with a Nationwide Reach – Look How Far We Go

    In our recent blog ‘Who’s On Your Speed Dial When You Need a Barrister?!’ we talked about how Quartz makes the search for a barrister quick, easy and stress-free by offering solicitors a local point of contact, but access to barristers nationwide.  To illustrate this point further, we’ve put together this infographic to show exactly

    12th February 2020
  • Who’s On Your Speed Dial When You Need a Barrister?!

    Who’s On Your Speed Dial When You Need a Barrister?!   The story of stressful last-minute searches for barristers is not a new one. All solicitors will have experienced it at one point or another. Sometimes the urgency is inevitable, or sometimes you get let down by the barrister you’ve booked. Or maybe you simply

    27th January 2020
  • New Presidents Direction on Family Law Orders

    The President of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane has issued new guidance in the forms of Orders in Children Cases for Judicial and practitioners information. The present regime has been governed by Practice Direction PD12B paragraph 14.13 which was issued on 6th June 2018. This Practice Direction said that all orders should should record

    19th June 2019
  • New pricing rules will mean it pays to ‘shop around’ for legal services 

    New pricing rules will mean it pays to ‘shop around’ for legal services  Paul Wright, CEO, Quartz Barrister urges SME’s and individuals to ‘shop around’ for legal services or risk paying over the odds, thanks to new price transparency rules being introduced this month #Barrister #LegalServices #QuartzBarristers #Business #Legal

    17th June 2019
  • Notts TV chat with Paul Wright at Quartz Barristers

    Catch our CEO Paul Wright chatting to Notts TV regarding the route of direct access instruction to an expert barrister for legal advice and providing a cost effective route for legal disputes for those in business. Ey Up Notts #Barrister #Legalservices #Quartzbarristers #NottsTV#Lawyersinbusiness

    21st May 2019
  • ‘Shop around’ or risk paying over the odds for legal services

    ‘Shop around’ or risk paying over the odds for legal services … shared by @LoveBusinessBuz New price transparency rules to be introduced this month will mean that there has never been a better time for small businesses to shop around for legal services – or they may risk paying over the odds warns Nottingham based direct

    16th May 2019
  • Advancing Access to Justice in a Digital Environment … Can Barristers play a part?

    The ever changing legal landscape and environment holds no certainty for those providing legal services and in the digital age many believe that Google can provide all their answers of course, but in this digital environment the opportunities for barristers to play an active and innovative role has never been greater. In many circumstances understanding

    10th May 2019
  • Who are the Windrush generation?

    The former Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced that UK citizenship fees and language tests will be waived for the Windrush generation and their families. Who are the Windrush generation? Following the end of the Second World War, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland encouraged people from across the Colonies to travel to

    2nd May 2019
  • Carillion – It Can’t Happen To Us

    It’s a sad day for the construction industry when a company such as Carillion goes into liquidation. However, this does not happen overnight and while the fallout from the insolvency will be on a mammoth scale affecting both jobs (43,000) in the sector together with ongoing or unfinished projects, this has come as no surprise.

    2nd May 2019
  • Dogs – Man’s best friend or a minefield of liability?

    In this article, Barrister Alison Howey discusses the role of legislation in governing dogs and their owner’s responsibility to society.

    2nd May 2019
  • Drink driving hearing

    Richard recently represented a client charged with drink driving at the first hearing and then the trial.  Although the client pleaded guilty, Richard was able to mitigate on her behalf and obtain the minimum length of ban, the minimum fine and the minimum amount of costs. First Hearing representation including preparation – £300 (Not VAT

    2nd May 2019
  • Refused bonus payment

    Claimant resigned from his employment having been previously promised a bonus of £5,000.  Following his resignation, the company refused to pay his bonus. After a brief telephone consultation between Richard and Claimant, Richard drafted two letters for the Claimant to send to the company, the company paid the full amount of £5,000 to the Claimant.

    2nd May 2019
  • Race discrimination

    Richard successfully represented a Company faced with a race discrimination case. Richard advised the client in a face to face conference at the company premises and was able to negotiate a settlement substantially lower than that which may have been awarded by an Employment Tribunal. Conference £450 (Not VAT Registered) Negotiation settlement £250 (Not VAT

    2nd May 2019
  • Child arrangements

    Represented a father who is desperate to have contact with his children.  He has the added difficulties of not being an English speaker, having had to leave the family home (with nowhere to go) and his immigration status is “precarious”.  This is the first application he is submitting to the court for a child arrangements

    2nd May 2019
  • Commercial freezing injunction

    An impecunious client with a multi-million pound claim against a former business partner found himself in a difficult position. In order to pursue his main claim, he had first to deal with his previous commercial solicitors who had relieved them of all his spare funds and had sued him for more and also a freezing

    2nd May 2019
  • Substantial property allegations

    The case involved allegations of substantial property and business assets both in the U.K. and held abroad by the otherside who maintained that they had very little in the way of assets and in the course of the proceedings even went as far as to claim bankruptcy. The client had tried her best as a

    2nd May 2019
  • Business asset

    The client’s only significant asset was a business which employed over 20 people. The business was struggling but notwithstanding the reality of the situation the otherside believed that the business was far more successful than it appeared from the accounts. The otherside had subjected the client to numerous requests for information relating to the business

    2nd May 2019
  • Final hearing representation

    The client had lost confidence in his solicitor who had represented him at an FDA and FDR. The matter had been listed for trial and the client required direct access Counsel to represent him at trial. The matter was successfully compromised on the day of the final hearing. The work involved representing the client at

    2nd May 2019
  • Family home and separation

    The magnetic features of the case was the length of the marriage and the needs of the client and the parties children. The case was complicated over issues concerning the value of the former family home which had suffered from subsidence. The client sought the lion’s share of the matrimonial assets in order to meet

    2nd May 2019
  • Substantial pension assets

    The significant asset in the case was substantial pension assets. The parties had been married a long time and the client sought equality of pension income upon retirement. An actuary was required to carry out certain calculations. The client achieved her desired result at an FDR. The work involved consisted of representing the client at

    2nd May 2019
  • 2 million pounds of assets

    This case involved over 2 million pounds of assets however it was not complicated. The assets consisted of the former matrimonial home and several investment properties. Notwithstanding the lack of complication the parties had each spent the best part of £100,000 in legal costs prior to the issue of proceedings. The client had lost confidence

    2nd May 2019
  • A Handy List of UK Courts

    For your reference we have compiled a helpful list of all non-criminal UK courts.

    2nd April 2019
  • How to save your Driving Licence even with 12 penalty points

    Loss of driving licence is, for many of us, nothing short of a catastrophe

    2nd April 2019
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